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Saturday, March 16, 2019

custom Nepali rug manufacturers in india


In past, we have been receiving following queries :

1. Where can I get best Nepali rug?

2. Can I get Nepali rug in custom sizes?

3. How can we get in contact with Nepali rug manufacturers?

If we see Nepal in world map the place is sandwiched between India and China but offers an exclusive  range of hand-knotted  carpets and rugs in higher knots ranging from 80 knots to 200 knots per square inch.  These Nepali rugs are made from indigenous wool found exceptionally in the mountainous region of the country. But the trend now is changing, that more of bamboo silk has been used in addition to the wool for making a different pattern of rugs and carpets.

Lots of machine-made carpets are being offered at highly low prices but is not  of  a great deal as the durability factor, the charisma of hand made lacks in these sorts  of carpets.

Nepali rugs is nothing but a weaving technique in hand-knotted carpets, which are made with the help mainly of iron rods on which the yarns are folded and cut as per the design which the weaver has to follow mentioned on the map, that's the reason you will always see uneven pile finish in these kinds of rugs. India is blessed with these types of weaving technique and the carpets and rugs are being manufactured here more than Nepal do. Lots of Nepali rug in custom sizes are being weaved in India, naming these as Indo-Nepali.

luxurious nepali carpet in wool and bamboo silk in rug factory india
luxurious nepali carpet in wool and bamboo silk in rug factory india
We as Global  Floor Furnishers has always wanted to maximize our customer's satisfaction. Continuing with the trend,  we the manufacturers of these veritable rugs calling it as indo-nepali carpets at has made an attempt to  deliver these to our most worthy customers at their workplace or residence whenever ordered. Talking about the textures,  our highly skilled crafters offers various designs for various purposes. These include loops, cut, high low, carved, thin or thick pile and many more along with a layer of cushion making it comfortable to walk on. The product offered are standardized and does not promote any sort of malfunctioning.  We are among the very  few manufacturers in India offering you these exclusive tapestries made by our own weavers who give them  a sort of finishing that lacks in carpets bought directly from Nepal. Apart from that we offer wide range of sizes. So your third query is also solved, you can find Nepali rug manufacturers at and can also visit for more details if you need. We will reply and offer everything you need to know about Nepali carpets and rugs.

When you compare these pattern of rugs and carpets It is way different from them in terms of durability as it is hand-loomed, hand-tufted,  hand woven and hand sewn. You make an investment for the floors for 10 good years if these carpets are bought. The product once seen shakes the asthetic  senses and makes you fall for the product. The rugs luminates the place where it spreads offering  a majestic  look to the  buyer.

Here we are sharing a recent custom Nepali weaving pattern rug manufactured by us in wool and bamboo silk.

nepal rugs custom made in india
nepal rugs custom made in india

nepali carpet manufacturers in india
nepali carpet manufacturers in india

nepali carpet manufacturers
nepali carpet

nepali rugs manufacturers
nepali rugs manufacturers

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Luxurious hand made rugs

Best Luxurious hand made rugs manufacturers

The normal question is who is the best manufacturer of Luxurious hand made rugs? 

When we talk for the luxury, it means putting the best out of best to make that thing. May be it is any furnishing, any decor, or any interior, if you see you say wow, your eyes should sparkle, it should look like yes !!! 

When we talk for the Luxurious hand made rugs we say that the rug should have the best yarn, best quality weaving, everything at the topmost.

The purpose here is to match the luxury with your rug. 

Contact us for if you want to know more about the best  luxurious rug Email us at for more details.

Bamboo silk hand knotted rug picture

Bamboo silk rug picture:

Here comes the picture of Bamboo silk rug, made in hand-knotted pattern.

These bamboo silk rugs are manufactured in India, by us, for a high end project. 

We can make any sizes and colour as per your requirements.  Contact us at for more details.
Bamboo silk rug for project
Bamboo silk rug for project

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hand-knotted bamboo silk rugs for projects

Hand-knotted bamboo silk rugs

These bamboo silk rugs have been demanded for one of the very prestigious project in China. We are manufacturing for one of the same.

These are made in plain colours in big sizes like 3mx4m 2x3m and so on. Even in some cases we also have square shapes.

The best part is that these are high weaved in knots and also thick and dense so that the high end project deserves the best carpet's.

Will soon share the pictures of the same.

Email if you all need any information or details.

For more u may contact at

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hand-knotted woolen carpets for hotels

Hand-knotted woolen carpets for hotels

In last session we discussed about hand tufted carpets being used in hotels, now we wish to share the hand-knotted carpets. There are many occasions when one need to have high end carpets with long life. This is where HAND-KNOTTED rugs enters into the picture.

High grade hotels (5 star, 7 star) are demanding hand-knotted rugs, in wool and mix with artificial silk or in some cases even original silk, for the reason they say when we have everything high grade why not rugs/carpets.

Hand-knotted woolen carpets for hotels
Hand-knotted woolen carpets for hotels
Carpets and rugs are the beauty of floor, its like you have put beautiful cloths on some beauty….this mean that when you use marble floor, Italian floor or any high grade floor, decorate it with some jewel…this jewel is nothing but high class carpets.

Come and see the beautiful world of carpets with all designs and number of colour matching to make a choice, because unless and until you will see the designs/colour matching you cannot makeup what we are talking…

Some pictures of high class hand-knotted rugs are for your reference.

If you need any more details to be checked, you may get back to us at

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

glossary of hand made rugs and carpets

handknotted rug abrash look

Today I take pleasure in sharing some of the terms used in hand made carpets and rugs. Being this very wide field, i will today share terms starting from alphabet "A"

Abrash : When a carpet or rug are made, in most of the carpet, change of colour can be seen, this change in the color of the rug due to a difference in the wool or dye batch or say change or variation in the color of a rug due to differences in the wool or dye bath. The effect of abrash is subtle shading differences. These happens mostly in case of carpets in which the wool being used are HANDSPUN wool.

Antique Wash : A washing technique to make rug look antique. These kind of washing make the rug look old, and faded.

Antique Reproduction : These are the rugs that are designed and washed in such a way to give antique look.We call this replicas of antique rugs.These time it is not possible to get may antique rugs, so we have technique of making them antique look. We name this Antique reproduction of hand made rugs. These are worth in case of hand-knotted rugs only. For details you may visit at

Area Rug : A center piece rug laid on floor is called area rug. These are normally 4x6, 5x8, 6x9 and so on. Area rug and rug both term mean one and the same. The dinning area rug, living room area rug, round rug, square rug, runner, all covers under area rugs.

Art Leather : Artificial leather, not real leather. These are very much in demand. However the cutting or the remaining of leather are being used in bulk for leather shaggy rug. You may see some of the leather shaggy rugs, range at

Artificial Silk: A man-made fiber to resemble silk, very durable; other names used are rayon and viscose. It is soft to the touch and more affordable than the expensive silk originals . Very commonly called Art.Silk Yarn/Faux Silk. These are very much being used in shaggy rugs, in hand tufted rugs and in hand knotted rugs. These are termed as handknotted artificial silk rugs, shaggy artificial silk, hand tufted artificial silk rugs. The near name to this artificial silk is also viscose. These have very high shinning. You may see the artificial silk shaggy rugs at following link :

All-Over Design : A pattern which is repeated throughout the field. No central medallion is present or to be more clear Rug pattern that is consistent throughout the field of the rug; not featuring a central medallion or border. A herati pattern is a good example for an all-over design area rugs.

Aubuson : We call this a design. Aubuson design. Fine flat carpets woven in France from the 15th to 19th Centuries. They were derived from Moorish weaving with the assistance of Architects and Artists of the royal court. A center of French carpet production which began in the mid 17th century. Many tapestry woven rugs were woven in the 18th and 19th centuries and generally those have designs of flowers and bouquets and architectural motifs. These are maninly made in hand-knotted pattern, but these times are also being made in handtufted.Term may also be called as abusan design hand knotted rug, or abusan design hand tufted rugs.

For today this much only, see you someother time, may be tommorrow or so, with more terms

for more details, you may please visit at :

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tibetan area rugs

Tibetan rugs; tibetan carpets ; nepalese rug; tibetan area rugs; tibetian rug

Nepal Rug
Nepal Rug

Nepalese Rug
Nepalese Rug

Tibetan Area Rug
Tibetan Area Rug

Tibetan Carpets
Tibetan Carpets

Tibetan Rugs
Tibetan Rugs

Tibetian Rugs
Tibetian Rugs

Indians make hand-knotted traditional and contemporary handmade rugs from Tibet weaving technique in wool, bamboo silk, in hemp, in silk, in linen, in banana silk or such other yarn, or say in hemp-wool, hemp-silk, or hemp-wool-silk, meaning, any combination of pile yarns you request .

Tibet's rug weaving has its own heritage, and are adopted by Indian manufacturers like us. Earlier these Tibetan rugs were manufactured only in Nepal, but now are also been manufactured by Indians like us. These are custom-made tibetan area rugs, which are very high quality. Knots of these range from 50 to 200 knots psi. Tibetan rugs are among the most popular styles in the market of area rugs, the trend and technique, all are same, just the place of weaving has been changed. Many beautiful and elegant styles of Tibetan rugs are made and we feel proud to offer our Tibetan pattern area rugs in all sizes, designs and patterns, as per your need and desire.

For more details email us at or visit our website at 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

hand-knotted rugs made in india

The best part of indian rugs are the pattern, designs, and varieties, which we indian make.

We make hand-knotted rugs in wool, hand-knotted rugs in wool-silk, hand-knotted rugs in articial silk or say in viscose or staple yarn.

Designs we offer are not only the persian but all traditional as well as modern designs.

These pictures are of hand-knotted rugs in viscose or say hand-knotted rugs in staple yarn or artificial silk yarn. These are very much in demand, and therefore we are concentrating more on this segment to make aware of the best product with very soft and silky finish and smoothness.

We are very happy and feel proud that we are manufacturing hand-knotted rugs made in viscose or artificial silk, being something we like very much. Email us at for more details